Andrew Hawkins

Andrew Hawkins

Andrew serves as the research assistant for the Walsh Professor of Bioethics John J. Paris S.J at Boston College where he is currently studying Biology and Medical Humanities. He intends to expand scholarly ethics discussion to populations and identify essential principles. To do so, he focuses on clarifying legal precedent and analyzing scientific evidence to address how we shape public health policy.


  1. Thank you for your excellent article, ‘Australian Asylum Law: Advocacy in Medicine’. I am contacting Prof Deborah Zion as a consequence. I am a consultant child psychiatrist specialising in trauma, and doing pro bono clinical assessments and advice for human rights lawyers and volunteer advocates for asylum seekers who are in detention centres run by Australian Border Force (DIBP).

    There is clearly compromising of senior clinicians working with IHMS, who subjugate practice to the agenda of DIBP.

    Grievious consequences on AS’s mental and medical health is major.

    Thank you again for your writings.

    Helen Driscoll

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