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Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker” in front of Philosophy Hall at Columbia University
Photograph taken by Gabriella Foe

Voices in Bioethics is an online journal that explores domestic and global ethical issues in the ever-evolving fields of bio-sciences, medicine and public health. It presents theoretical and empirical scholarship and discussion in a variety of formats, from opinion pieces, research papers, and media and art reviews to interviews with the foremost experts and luminaries in bioethics and beyond. Voices in Bioethics also features an ongoing blog (Newswire) to facilitate discussion of bioethical issues in the news today. Our contributors are a diverse group of health professionals, researchers, philosophers, professors, and graduate students, all of whom invite feedback and debate from readers.

Disclosure of Affiliation:

Voices in Bioethics is affiliated with the Columbia University Master of Science in Bioethics program. Members of the editorial staff, advisory board, and several contributors are affiliated with Columbia University as students and faculty. In addition, the journal receives minor funding from Columbia University. However, the views expressed in this journal are neither reflective nor representative of the views of Columbia University. Submissions to this journal will be evaluated without consideration of author’s institutional affiliation.

Legal Disclaimer:

The views expressed in the Voices in Bioethics online journal, and on the Voices in Bioethics website in its entirety, are solely those of the contributing author(s) to the publication, and do not reflect the views of Columbia University, its Trustees, Affiliates, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, the Editors of this site, and any other member of the Columbia University community. Moreover, the ideas and information expressed in this publication have not been approved or authorized by Columbia University, and the University shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with its publication. Columbia University is not responsible for the contents of any off-site information referenced herein.

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The Nicholas Murray Butler Library on Columbia University’s Morningside Campus
Photograph by Gabriella Foe