“Healthcare and The Power of Stories”: Recent News on Narrative Medicine & Ethics

A few weeks ago, Caryn Rubanovich, a newly added writer to our Voices in Bioethics staff and coordinator of the Narrative Medicine & Ethics section, had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Human Practice about her experience in the M.S. Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University in the City of New York.

Winner of the 1st Annual Chicago Health 2.0 pitch contest in 2011, Human Practice is “a healthcare social-recommendation platform for discerning users to find doctors by specialty and location, suggested by people you trust, be it friends, relatives or colleagues”[1]. Respected sources have called Human Practice one of the new, “hot startups” in Chicago, IL and predict a bright future for it, seeing as the startup has already shown considerable impact in the health-tech sector[2].

Based off of the interview with Caryn, Human Practice published a post on their blog, “Uplifting Healthcare Relationships.” Click on the following link to read the article, entitled “Healthcare and the Power of Stories”:  https://humanpractice.com/blog/posts/narrative-medicine


[1] http://doejo.com/blog/human-practice-a-bootstrapped-startup-in-residence-at-doejo/#.U-p7F1Y9Urw

[2] http://www.builtinchicago.org/blog/hot-startups-across-chicago-part-3-loops-human-practice

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